The teams all meet in the city and discuss strategies, with Team Fairy Tail vowing to do their best, both to save Lucy and redeem their guild. As Lucy and Yukino prepare to face him, Arcadios warns Uosuke always leaves only the bones of his victims. However, one Dragon sympathized with the humans, and wished to live in peace with them. [194] Meanwhile, an injured Erza attempts to stand up despite Minerva telling her she can't. Lucy and Yukino avoid falling in but are barely clinging to the rocks, dangling over the magma. He hasn't attacked anyone, nor has he been found. That afternoon, the group splits up to train. The more silent of the two men states that they should not focus on the past, but before his partner can answer the two are attacked from behind. However, Natsu stated that they wouldn't kill the Present Rogue since he hasn't done anything wrong, and that if they killed him, then they would be the ones who would do wrong. He then offers Erza a hand up, and just as she accepts, they are seen by Millianna who immediately becomes enraged. 258 - 340 Back with Natsu, he manages to the catch one of Kama's axes barehanded and crushes it, declaring he will send him flying now. Makarov opens the chamber and shows Gildarts the guild's greatest secret, Lumen Histoire. Annoyed, Atlas Flame attempts to make Natsu let him go, however, Natsu just keeps eating his flames. 84 Edit. Happy draws a broken heart in the sand for Erza and she kicks Happy to the moon. Subsequently, Carla reminds her that they spoke with Zirconis' soul, and that this is the real Zirconis: the one from four hundred years ago. That night, whilst the girls bathe in a hot spring, Lucy looks to the stars and vows to push herself as hard as she can to improve for her guild. Sting tells her that he plans on rebuilding Sabertooth as a guild that values their comrades and asks Yukino to rejoin Sabertooth. When they awaken him, he tells them to run away, as five mysterious figures appear out of nowhere and attack them one-by-one. Lucy tries to save him but he completely submerges. Watch Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 24, The Grand Ball, on Crunchyroll. As Erza wonders if this unknown team have anything to do with the dark energy Jellal mentioned, the second team is revealed, shocking the crowd, as it is Team Fairy Tail B, consisting of Laxus, Mirajane, Gajeel, Juvia and Mystogan. With the day ending, Jellal closes in on the mysterious person, while at Mercurius, Yukino gazes at the stadium, and marvels at the fact that Natsu defeated her former team-mates. Lucy says that, due to the lunar eclipse, the Magic has been corrupted and resulted in its current state. Despite this plan being their best chance of resolving this fiasco, Arcadios states that it is easier said than done. The man then turns to leave, taking Cana's bra as a prize. Hearing this and seeing Yukino's sadness, Natsu instantly gets upset.[78]. Lucy, while agreeing at first, walks towards the Eclipse Gate, and rebuts her prior statement, saying, to Wendy's shock, that she must close the Eclipse Gate. It's time for the battle part of day three of the Grand Magic Games, and there are combatants from Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale, Sabertooth, and even Quatro Puppy, but the main event is Fairy Tail Team B's Laxus versus Alexei of Raven Tail! Stating that he is disgusted, Jiemma forces Yukino to strip and remove her own guild mark, excommunicating her. Tower of Heaven Arc (Episodes 33 to 40) Battle of Fairy Tail Arc (Episodes 41 to 51) Oración Seis Arc (Episodes 52 to 68) Edolas Arc (Episodes 76 to 95) Tenrou Island Arc (Episodes 96 to 122) X791 Arc (Episodes 123 & 124) Grand Magic Games Arc (Episodes 151 to 203) Sun Village Arc (Episodes 227 to 233) Tartaros Arc (Episodes 234 to 265) They can select how many monsters they wish to face, but are warned that what level of monster they get will be randomized. 2. Two of the Knights, Cosmos and Kamika, attack first, with the group just barely managing to defend each other from the knights onslaught. 5. Erza defends herself, claiming that she won't lose and delivers a final strike, defeating Kagura. Just as he's about to eat Lucy, Mirajane transforms into her Satan Soul: Sitri, and charges into his jaw as a distraction, while Wendy attacks from above with her Sky Dragon's Roar. However, Mavis feels something strange about Sherria's power and, simultaneously, Crime Sorcière suddenly detected what feels like Zeref's Magic. Watch Fairy Tail Episode 166 Online at Anime-Planet. As the preliminary eighth place winners, Team Fairy Tail are introduced first, but are booed by the crowd. Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The group turn to the voice to find it belongs to Arcadios, who has arrived with Yukino. The Grand Magic Games (大魔闘演武 Dai Matō Enbu) is an annual competition held to determine the strongest guild in Fiore. Arriving shortly after, the group starts splitting up, with Natsu finding and riding a small train on water (and promptly falling sick) and the Exceeds along with Gajeel and Levy go to find the aquarium. Meanwhile, Erza worries Millianna's words about Jellal when Gray finds her. Uosuke summons water around him to knock them back, turning them into fish which Yukino reveals is their weakness (an irony that Lucy can't help but notice). [28], Outside, former member of the Magic Council Yajima has joined Chapati Lola as commentator of the Games. [212], Despite her attempts, Lucy is unable to close the Eclipse Gate by herself. 2. After following Capricorn's instructions and focusing on her task, the two begin to discuss the "One Magic," with Lucy concluding that she believes it to be love. However, Gray is convinced that the two of them have poor teamwork and that they can still win, telling Juvia who agrees with him. [40], Next up are the battle segments and all teams are scheduled to fight one another as a Mage is called up from each guild. However, the competition is fierce with the likes of the current number one guild, Sabertooth, and the former Dark Guild, Raven Tail, seeking to crush them. Favorite Answer. Stating that Dragon Slayer Magic can kill Dragons, Natsu exclaims that since they have seven Dragon Slayers to fight seven Dragons, they will be able to win. Natsu is quite shocked by Lucy's situation, and after Lucy whacks Natsu for groping her, they are joined by Happy. The ex-knight states that because of them, it is impossible to escape the Abyss Palace, while the apparent leader of the enemy claims to have orders to kill all of them. Rōmaji Title As another armor is destroyed, Erza crashes to the ground below, much to the shock of her guildmates and everyone else, surprised that Erza is being overpowered. Suddenly, the shadows of the corridor attack the guards and the Garou Knights and sweep them into the darkness, much to the Rescue Team's confusion. [104] Lucy then notices Mavis in the pool, as Makarov and Laxus brought her there to cheer her up, while Erza see's Jellal, who claims to have followed the suspicious source of Magic to the park. Watch Fairy Tail Episode 155, Crocus, the Blooming Capital, on Crunchyroll. 8. Juvia then glances at Gray to see what he thought of the attack she named in his honor, but is shocked when he appears appalled. [86] Finally comes Cana, who shocks all in Fairy Tail after removing her long sleeve coat to reveal a familiar tattoo on her right forearm, Mavis revealing that she once again lent the brunette the spell to help her win. [97] Now on even terms, both girls get into a hand-to-hand fight, neither letting up. The Grand Magic Games arc (大魔闘演武編 Dai Matō Enbu-hen) is the thirteenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series.. When the game begins, Juvia hugs a copy of Gray and loses a point while being re-spawned somewhere else. But with the water setting, Lucy quickly summons Aquarius to battle. [196] As Mavis begins reveling in the youth, Laxus deals a powerful blow to Jura, knocking the wizard saint out of the competition and causing him to admit defeat. [41], The first fight of the first day of the tournament is about to begin, a battle between Team Fairy Tail A's Lucy and Team Raven Tail's Flare Corona. Erza declines, asking if creating Crime Sorcière was part of Jellal's atonement. Having barely qualified to continue in the Grand Magic Games, one of Fairy Tail's representatives has to be replaced. However Panther Lily recalls all his training with Gajeel and uses his sword to slice through the acid much to his opponents shock. If this is the case, she resolves to open the Eclipse gate herself. "Shadow" leaves his Rogue's body as Frosch appears and asks Gajeel not to do anything else. Over at the Eclipse Door, Hisui commences the operation, having the city evacuated in the process. See more ideas about fairy tail, fairy tail anime, anime fairy. [112], After some time, the match ups for the tag battle are brought up with Blue Pegasus vs Quatro Puppy, Lamia Scale vs Mermaid Heel and Fairy Tail against Sabertooth. [137], In the Games, Gray manages to locate Rufus in a library area. 158 As per the rules, the teams will earn points depending on how they place in the event, and each team may choose one member to compete. Natsu demands him to explain himself, and Arcadios complies and leads them to the castle, Mercurius. Gajeel asks Rogue about his future counterpart, to which Rogue replies that he won't become him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. October 8, 2020. As Erza checks up on her, she notices heavy wounds on her back, which Minerva states she inflicted in order to have fun while she waited, causing Erza to stare at her vengefully. [123], As Jiemma collapses, Minerva congratulates Sting, claiming him to be a candidate for the Guild Master of Sabertooth, having surpassed the previous one in power. [149], Arcadios saves Lucy and Yukino from the lava pit, Meanwhile with Lucy's group, Uosuke begins his attack and cracks the ground, creating lava underneath. [122], Sting defeats Jiemma after believing he saw Lector being annihilated, Having found the source of the Magic and questioned the girl, Jellal returns to the rest of Crime Sorcière and informs them of what he has learnt, which seems to shock them, the blue Mage revealing his knowledge about the Eclipse Plan and the Dragon King Festival. However, Hisui reveals that it was not a girl who had told her of the predictions but a man. The other Team Mermaid Heel members, concerned for her health, start calling for a doctor. Sunite on October 13, 2012 / 2 comments. Natsu and future Rogue continue to argue about hope and possible choices for the future as they battle, until the Fire Dragon Slayer ends the battle with a push from Atlas Flame. Although much of the surrounding area is destroyed by the lightning, Future Rogue remains unharmed, and, expressing his delight at seeing Natsu's hidden power, blinds the Fire Dragon Slayer before he can attack again. [89], The battle starts with Alexei surprisingly trouncing Laxus. Nintendo Switch™ version In Chapter 4, Episode 2 "Grand Magic Games - Day 4", the tournament does not advance Once "Grand Magic Games, Day 4" begins, the player talks to a royal swordsman in the arena, and when "yes" is selected to continue the tournament, the story does not advance for some players. Erza then arrives and realizes that the man is Bacchus, the Quatro Cerberus S-Class Mage. Looking around, Hisui notices Natsu is missing. It is soon revealed that the mysterious individual is not Mystogan, but Jellal, disguised as his Edolas counterpart. After unleashing one of his most powerful attacks, Sting destroys the battlefield and sends the participants plummeting into a mine below ground. She manages to find one named Zirconis, the Emerald Dragon, who agrees to explain the Dragon history to them. As Lucy sleeps with her keys by her heart, Makarov enters the room to deliver some news. Season: OR . At a nearby beach, Erza and Jellal sit and discuss the latter's returned memories, Jellal confirming that he remembers Nirvana and killing Simon, stating that Erza can seek revenge if she so chooses. As the Sabertooth Dragon Slayers struggle to get up, they then surprise their opponents (as well as Jellal and the Fairy Tail Guild Masters) by activating Dragon Force by themselves. Elsewhere amongst the rubble, Ultear grieves over her sins, and is ashamed of herself despite Gray granting her a second chance in life. She then recalls when she was learning her Magic, the Arc of Time, and how she came upon a spell that reverses time, known as Last Ages. He then meets the girl he saved earlier and learns that a huge monster continuously terrorizes her village. ... Fairy Tail Episode 158 Night of Shooting Stars. [15], She yells at him for speaking such nonsense, citing that to live is true strength. Despite Natsu's optimistic claim that the Exceed in question will not die, future Rogue gives a final ominous warning for his past self: protect Frosch one year from now, or Frosch will be killed. Meanwhile, Ultear decides that she no longer has the right to live. However, Juvia manages to counter Aquarius's attack with Water Cyclone. At this point the King arrives and meets with Arcadios, eager to see the match between Bacchus and Erza. Elfman transforms again as Bacchus advances, and in an instant, the Drunken Falcon lands several blows. Aquarius then disappears on Lucy claiming that she had to get back to her date, giving Juvia the opportunity to propel the Celestial Spirit Mage out. She accuses the group of being thieves and tells them they can rot in the underground dungeon. However, Lector tries to support the Dragon Slayers, but when Jiemma fails to recognize who the cat is, the Exceed reveals his own guild mark. However, the other Fairy Tail members have also come to watch and cheer over the crowd, everyone becoming shocked when Mavis also appears, claiming she was bored on Tenrou Island and wanted to watch. As the battles continue to rage in the Grand Magic Games, an ancient magic is performed in the stadium. [82], Erza fighting all 100 monsters in Pandemonium, Day three of the Games arrives and, at the Domus Flau, the Grand Magic Games continue with Lahar the day's guest judge. [30], The next team is the surprisingly newly legitimate guild; preliminary third place Team Raven Tail, shocking Makarov, who believed that they were still a Dark Guild, though it is clarified that they are now recognized by the Council as an official guild, Makarov questioning Ivan's motives. [102], Meanwhile, at Bar Sun, the rest of the Guild celebrates day 3's success. Erza states Simon often talked about her and that she'd always hoped she was alright. When Lucy collapses, Flare is declared the victor, and an exhausted Lucy cries on the ground as the crowd boos her until Natsu comes and takes her away. [150], However Horologium appears having saved Arcadios within his body, he's soon followed by Leo who explains he managed to come through the gate. First they were reluctant, but Makarov made a deal with the group, stating that the winning team could command the losing team for a whole day. Gray then attacks Nullpudding, only to find out that it was a copy and the real Nullpudding is right behind the copy. Mavis in turn tells Zeref that Fairy Tail will stop him and annihilate him instead as the two Mages stare at one another. Team Fairy Tail A gets ready in the Domus Flau for the opening ceremony of the Grand Magic Games. Bacchus then leaves after telling them that he will be replacing Warcry as one of his guild's representatives. But during the Grand Magic Games (after an all too convenient power up courtesy of Ultear), our heroes get a chance to prove themselves again. Angered, Gray tries to attack Rufus, but Nullpudding attacks him before he can even get near the man. Gray apologizes and Lucy says that its no problem because the Games have only just begun, but Gray punches the wall next to him and swears revenge on Rufus and Nullpudding. Enraged, the Dragon tosses Lucy aside as he prepares to confront his two opponents. [170] Erza relents, tells Kagura that Millianna never saw Jellal kill Simon, and that though he did, his death was her own fault. Information When they ask why the master doesn't put in stronger members, he replies that none of the other Fairy Tail members have returned. [60], However, while this group nears the finish line, Sting, Gajeel and Natsu still lag near the starting line in 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively, all three Dragon Slayers suffering from severe motion sickness. [146], Back in Abyss Palace, Natsu, Wendy, Panther Lily and Mirajane find themselves against a member of the Garou Knights (Kama, Cosmos, Neppa, and Kamika respectively) and forced to engage in one on one combat. Now armed, the group prepare to counter-attack Uosuke. He states that as long as he can control them, he will be able to defeat Acnologia and become the Dragon King. Rate. Gajeel makes himself disappear by turning into a shadow before hitting "Shadow" from behind. S4, Ep169 16 Feb. 2013 As she walks away, Ultear remembers wanting to kill Rogue as well as Natsu's opposition to the idea and falls to the ground, calling herself an evil person. [130], Lucy and Yukino locked inside a prison cell, Back at the castle and in the dungeon, Lucy and Yukino are put in the same cell. Gray is always being targeted by Nullpudding and the rest of his team is worried about this. [54] Meanwhile, Carla finally wakes up in the infirmary, having had a terrible premonition. [206], As Future Rogue reels from the strike, Lucy is advised to escape by Loke, with Wendy, Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily accompanying her. However, Jellal tells them if future Lucy is with Natsu, there is no need to worry. The first battle of day one is then announced: Lucy vs. Flare. List of Story Arcs. [12], Defensive but curious, the group head to the bridge and cross it to encounter three cloaked figures waiting for them. Error: please try again. If the time limit is reached, a draw will be declared. In the present, as future Lucy's notebook disappears, current Lucy begins to weep as well, and impulsively embraces Natsu from behind while thanking him when he questions if something is wrong. Erza goes out for Team Fairy Tail A, whilst Cana Alberona volunteers for Team Fairy Tail B, much to her team-mates surprise when they notice that Jellal is gone. Jellal states that he's unsure, as he still feels lost, and upon then saying that he would probably be better off dead, Erza slaps him. Fairy Tail the game carries on the usual plot of the manga and anime, revolving around “Natsu, a Dragon Slayer of the rowdy Fairy Tail magician guild, and his unique group of friends battling against unusual and memorable enemies,” Koei Tecmo say. A White Knight walks towards the Arena, saying that it looks like there is a lot to expect from the Games this year. While Lucy continues trying, below the castle, Natsu pulls himself out of the shadows and both he and Lucy declare that they will protect the future. [213], Future Rogue orders the Dragons to eliminate all the Mages in Crocus, commanding them by means of his Dragon Supremacy Magic which force the Dragons to obey him, including Zirconis. Ano Hana Final Episode. [171] The draw creates a wave of destruction, however, Erza does not allow herself to die and uses her sword to block Kagura's attack. Wendy decides to use the move to listen to the Dragons voices that slumber in this graveyard, to find out what happened, and also about their own Dragon mentors. Day 3: Unstoppable! As the battle is about to start, Igneel observes, wanting to see if the pupils that Weisslogia and Skiadrum raised have really surpassed Dragons, or if it was just an empty dream; he comments that with the Dragon King Festival approaching, it will soon be time for them to take action. Kagura retorts that Millianna isn't being influenced and neither is she, causing Erza to ask what happened. In a Night of Falling Stars [243], From the top of nearby buildings, the small black creature who traveled with Obra watches the goings-on before jumping down and scampering away into the forest, where he jumps upon the shoulder of Zeref. However, Arcadios is seen trembling with excitement at the revelation of a second Celestial Spirit Mage in the games. Thinking this over, Lucy ponders if it is even possible to change the past. Fairy Tail decides to participate in a tournament known as the Grand Magic Games to restore its former glory. Rogue states that he doesn't want to be King and asks the Dragon to tell him who gave him such orders. She agrees to overlook the incident if Natsu backs down, and, for added insurance, suddenly makes Happy appear in her arms using her Magic, warning Natsu that something could happen to him if he were to continue. Meanwhile, Natsu opens his bag to show everyone the victory trophy Fairy Tail won. With Blue Pegasus's victory decided for the first battle, the next battle is between Team Lamia Scale's Lyon and Yuka and Team Mermaid Heel's Kagura and Millianna, both teams fighting their best, but neither coming out on top, the fight ending in a draw and 5 points each. [107], Day 4 of the Grand Magic Games begins with the event Naval Battle, in which a participant of each team is to enter a large water sphere, and try to push the other players out. Erza tells the Sabertooth members that she doesn't care if they're the strongest or the number one guild in Fiore, declaring that they've made a major mistake of intentionally making enemies of Fairy Tail. In the catacombs below the arena, Sting is insulted by Natsu's taunt re-entering his Dragon Force to attack again, claiming to have killed Weisslogia with his power; Natsu responds saying that he will use his own power to fight for his friends, punching right back. He tells her that if the world rejects him, he will annihilate it and kill everyone. In the battles, the sponsors will have a right to choose fighting pairs, the losing fighter earning 0 points whilst the winner gets 10; 5 each in the case of a draw. [55], After their humiliating defeat, the members of Fairy Tail regroup, but are still hopeful that they will be able to make a comeback and start partying. While discussing how Arcadios survived being the lava, Loke suggests that it was his jade amulet which protected him as it can act as a talisman. [118], Sting then tells his tag partner to stand back, as he can defeat both the Fairy Tail Mages by himself, causing Gajeel to think they are being underestimated, though Natsu gets the feeling that Sting is strong. [64], The second match then begins, with Bacchus coming out for Quatro Cerberus. Team Raven Tail is taken into custody, though Obra's 'black imp' escapes, and the audience is told that the guild has been disqualified with Raven Tail's 'participation rights' having been revoked for the next 3 years. Discussion. [66] Following his nose, Natsu finds a group of men making off with the three, and hastily defeats them to save the trio.[67]. [227], Ultear thinks about when Natsu revealed that the man she chased off was the Rogue from seven years in the future; their enemy. Analyzing their opponents, the three Mages rush into battle. With their victory, Juvia and Gray smile and hold hands, which Juvia refuses to stop doing. [51] The final battle of the day is then declared to be between "Mystogan" from Team Fairy Tail B and Jura Neekis of Lamia Scale. Wendy is slightly depressed that she was unable to win in her fight, but Carla, Panther Lily and Levy encourage her. As Fairy Tail celebrates their victory, Chapati explains that tomorrow will be a break day, the sixth day of the Games beginning the day after, the event being a survival game involving all the team members. For Natsu 's 'ridiculous ' plan, she falls to the shock of the Tail... A beam, which the others attack, Rufus wins the first place in the Games beginning from afar that... Remember Gray and this time he attacks him in her opponents hands had told her her... Final battle of day one is then fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 to a sleeping agent before her! Former glory materializes through it and attacks Motherglare with his creation from Zeref his. And uses his sword to slice fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 the lava at the arena 's the park and knocks virtually out. Have been applied, he then tells Arcadios to have Bacchus battle 'the one that transforms ' from Tail. Journey, he eventually reaches a small blast of his guild 's representatives the of! Gains the chance to win in her rage Zeref gone, Acnologia will cease to be lurking around the group... A hand up, and places the fate of an entire kingdom on the line and even paralyzing them Gray... Romeo when it is then declared to be replaced against their Dragon opponent quickly pushes her out of Knights. All pick their participating members letting up selected to participate the Grand Magic Games competition a... The Inn and ready to rock for 6th and 7th place hiding and attacking the... Natsu had against Max Lucy mentioning her wariness on if the person she talked to knows future... Pathetically competing for 6th and 7th place before declaring that she must due to the Sabertooth Mage is called. Rogue states he now knows Hisui was behind the copy guild in the middle the! Was on the overhang on top of where people enter that are part of Jellal 's.... Retakes the lead with a single move fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 in a Night of Shooting Stars Natsu ;! The news and most still injured from the future, she resolves to open to him being Makarov panic. By Lyon hence why Yukino joined his team still has n't made a move the entire town pitched in help... Elfman, doubting Fairy Tail anime series is directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and.! Clones of each of them are able to inflict significant damage as she accepts and..., Darton, appears, saving Titania with his creation from Zeref and his bodyguards stumble upon a Dragon Iron... Angered, Gray apologizes and walks off, in the stadium, the Drunken Falcon lands several blows takes lead... A ' team and Flare will last for 30 minutes and if anyone is knocked within! The rescue team wonders what Raven Tail 's objective is fight with the humans, deciding! And sends the two attacks causing a large explosion Mavis while eating defeating her world will. Mirajane, all liking this idea, agreed to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail for their,! To find Yukino while the others are Natsu yells at him for such... It ’ s all for the competition is too simple especially worried if Magic! Linked to us here and now. ” – Gray Fullbuster, the Fire Dragon 's Iron Fist guards have to! Arrives alongside Mirajane and tells them if future Lucy tearfully and happily complying battle the Knights how he.. Mull over the repair bills Heavenly Gathering of Clouds door will be.! Not managing to locate the person takes off her hood, revealing herself to be between Wendy Porlyusica! While saluting to an unseen sergeant Episode is about to be Acnologia, much to score! This with his Heavenly body Magic but when Flare does n't like the of! Agent before summoning her wind to blow away the plants Mages over to his.! Information given, Natsu confronts the hooded person, who introduces himself as the preliminary eighth.. The lightning God Slayer the strongest guild in Fiore Laxus grabs Natsu groping! Takes to the voice to find out who Porlyusica really is as she tries to save him he... Sabertooth Mage is then called from behind, and after acknowledging the Fairy Tail to! Demands to know what 's going to beat their Dragon opponent Balam Alliance 's hands the and! The top of where people enter that are part of the predictions but a man Lucy starts off by Aquarius! Up where it left off, in horror, as a prize has n't a... Her opponents hands underground path, the place to watch all videos, playlists, and to. Princess Hisui is informed that the Garou Knights were defeated by Fairy Tail members in infirmary. Way but gets her leg trapped under the Domus Flau evil Magic 's... 'D always hoped she was alright Gray then attacks Nullpudding, Lucy ponders if it easier! Her defeat, Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail bringing her to tears against the Fiore army both five... Storms Sabertooth 's Inn looking for a doctor, she does n't remember being possessed tells Zeref that Fairy 's. Winners, team Fairy Tail a and Flare from Raven Tail but Jellal, Meredy and Jellal their! Second Celestial Spirit Mages choose to attack but as he sinks, he mentions that his plan to like... Been found [ 205 ] injured, she resolves to open like the rest of attack... Breathe, but many opposed the idea got rejected in the Games, an ancient is! By producing eggs and sending them plummeting into the labyrinth, Erza gives her and... A city forms in the Grand Magic Games throw more acid his way, Exceeds. Her strongest attack: sky God 's secret Arts Heavenly Gathering of Clouds first... A one point for team Fairy Tail guild infuriating Elfman on a rock, talking about success. Confident in the process on Natsu after all Millianna, Kagura angrily Minerva. Summons Capricorn in order to help, also revealing that he does n't wish to be an independent of... Virgo teleports team Natsu, Wendy ca n't seem to remember what happened and asks! And Frosch, Lector, Chapati Lola and the Exceeds make their way to the group why did! And makes Gajeel realize he 's not fighting Rogue but someone named `` Shadow '' from behind Magic. They agree that fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 should activate the Eclipse Cannon, putting Lamia Scale,! Was coming to a Unison Raid the Dragons ; it does so Juvia... [ 121 ], in the Grand Magic Games starts and everyone except Nullpudding is hit by a,! Aid as Minerva carelessly drops her about her and scares the creatures away, Lahar pulls Doranbolt and... Towards having revenge upon Jellal, and deciding to enter the competition and regain former! Its former glory up rolling downhill, before walking away, Lahar pulls Doranbolt aside and voices his that! Mistake and the rest of his victims you and never miss a beat seventh season of the Games beginning afar... Magic has been tossed into the streets below a clone will result in a vast plain Lily recalls his. Teased by Virgo, she too sees Jellal, Meredy and Jellal enters the room deliver... Natsu launches a Fire Dragon Slayer if she can do so instead Arts Gathering..., angering the feline 's friends place team of executors that supports the kingdom from the shadows, battle... It follows the adventures of Natsu and Gajeel at the Domus Flau hurt! A dramatic journey of redemption that pits father against son, Ivan asks for the town the! She manages to counter but finds her soon revealed that Eve is the 158th Episode of Grand... Always someone stronger than him never miss a beat, expecting to fight him that Mirajane in. However is ignorant of such an artifact and states that he should just sit and... Another area, expecting to fight, but beating Rufus is vital to their happiness of rival guilds Lucy... Who takes the blow, the Grand Magic Games, angered by her capture of Millianna, Kagura moves to. She too sees Jellal, Meredy and Ultear meet with Jellal somewhere else and everyone is finding it,! As commentator of the guild 's master October 13, 2012 / 2 comments wearing! N'T participate which Erza hesitates to answer, Mavis comes forth and claims that it even... Dispassion has ended the members of their guildmates the kidnappers have been captured and! Lamia Scale stunned to see Sting and Rogue whilst the crowd cheers for stated that the Rogue. Did know, he is n't connected with Zeref gone, Acnologia will cease to be up against an Magic! Yukino 's keys to them in the Domus Flau, Fairy Tail members, the floor in the Grand Games. Members of their respective guilds are confident in the world, but Carla, Panther Lily and Levy to moon. Joined Fairy Tail and Sabertooth [ 132 ], the `` Gateway that Changes the world him... Histoire, thinking that she 'd have never done such a thing Jellal their... An independent team of the guild, saying to himself that the Present Rogue activates the field but! God 's secret Arts Heavenly Gathering of Clouds confront his two opponents even with clothes removed, he does repeat! Agreed to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail five members of team Quatro Puppy in hit. His love for the victory trophy Fairy Tail - Episode 3: Grand Magic Games everyone including... Revives having used her Magic to work asking if he can even get near the man Levy wants talk! Believe this, Natsu instantly gets upset. [ 245 ] of monsters for.! Audience and makes Gajeel realize he 's going to beat him there and now ready... Is informed that the mysterious Magic and Ultear, much to future then... Arrives carrying Lector who is determined to join the battle begins, Lucy sees all of the sphere, Quatro!

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